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Stack Crawler

You can put the files related to the stack crawler, or anything
else related to maclisp on the SRI-KL directory <maclisp>
password speed.  You cannot log in as Maclisp though, so login
as me, password g9734 (Boyer, move your fingers up).  You will
find on Maclisp a fairly large subset of the files related to
the Maclisp d10 system from mit-mc.  Please observe the convention
of naming files that come from MIT with the obvious convention
we are using that preserves in the file version number some approximation
to the mit number.  E.G. the first version of LISP.MID.1251 from MIT
would be our LISP.MID.125101.

(I forgot to say that when you log in as me you will need to give the
account CSL). 

The Maclisp directory is controlled by DANG (Dan Gerson), who is
the person responsible for SRI's maclisp involvement.  Please send
copies of messages to him.  I understand you have been in touch with
him on the nasty question of moving the Maclisp D10 high seg
up from 400000 to around 600000, if possible, to alow TENEX and D20
users to have large lisps.  That would sure be nice.

If you have any problems, you can come over to sri, talk to
me or dang if we are on, or call me at 326-6200 x4542, 324-8666,
326-5804, or 493-3135.

On the D20 one can define the device sys: to be what you want.
So when you login as me, you will automatically get the definition
define sys:  (as)  sys:, <maclisp>, <lisp>
This hack alows the autoload stuff to all work perfectly.

¬Thanks very much for you attention to our maclisp problems and for
your stack crawler and editor and anything you can send our way.


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