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MACLSP meta-D directory feature

Subsribers of the HELP autodef package:
A new  feature has  been added  to SAIL  MACLSP to  enable obtaining  fast
directory listing using RPG's DIRECT fn. It  permits use of >,#, and *  as
wildcards. To access the package do when talking to MACLSP

		βD <filespec>		;;; note: D not d!

where filespec is of the form filnam.ext[p,pn] and where ext,p,pn and  the
syntactic delimiters can be omitted in the obvious cases. * wildcards  are
allowed for  for filnam  and  ext. If  p or  p,pn  are omitted,  they  are
obtained from your current crunit device.

Ext can also be > and #. > obtains the largest numbered version, and # denotes
all numbered versions.

	*.#[lu,ser  		;all files with numeric extension in [lu,ser
	*.>[foo,		;the file with largest numeric ext in [foo,
        *.			;all files w/o ext in crunit dir

NOTE: No wildcards allowed in PPN!

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