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Change of address

***** from Tim Finin *****

Hello Dick,

	The name of our account here has been changed from
FINKE to DEWOLF.  Send mail to me c/o DEWOLF@WPAFB-AFAL.

	If you ever want to log into our 10 (for nostalgia
or kicks or whatever), you can do so by logging into WPAFB-AFAL
as 242,205 (do a "WHO DEWOLF" if you forget the PPN).  The password
is the initials of the name of this place where I am really
sending this from.  The do a CONNECT 13 to connect to our 10.
Everything you type will then be sent to our 10.  After logging
out of our 10, you can get back to WPAFB by typing a control-A
(which is the excape char for the CONNECT program) and typing
a control-C.  You can then log off of WPAFB (or whatever).

	Did I ever tell you that the current version of 
MacLISP still won't work for us?  It (LISP 1303) thinks
that every FASL file (almost) is NOT in FASL format.  Otherwize,
it seems to work.  If you talk to GLS, perhaps you could bug
him about it for us.

	Hope you, Kathy, and the dogs are doing well.


p.s.: The COM area still has the same password (from the
rabbit book).

try tty1

// 26 //