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Questions from a newcomer

Hi -

I would like to learn know about an implementation of Scheme which runs
on VAX VMS 4.x and an implementation which runs on a 68000 machine
(especially Amiga, Macintosh Plus, Sage/Stride, or Atari 1040ST).  I
have seen a reference to Scheme 312 which sounded interesting.

I have also seen a reference to "Chez Scheme" for VAX BSD 4.2++ which I
would like to know more about.

I am especially interested "native" implementations (not implemented on
top of another Lisp), versions with a compiler, and versions which are
public domain.  I have purchased TI's PC Scheme for my IBM AT.

I am interested in Scheme because I think it may run reasonably well on
a micro I can afford to have at home.  I have a Sage II now, but I am
considering another 68000 machine.  I am also hoping that Scheme will
be a simple, easy to implement Lisp which is not thundering towards

I tried Golden Common Lisp on ATs and was disappointed in the

We have Common Lisp (DEC Lisp and NIL) on the VAXen I use at work,
but I would like to investigate Scheme as an alternative.

- Thanks

jim mullens
oak ridge national laboratory