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Re: SCOOPS, and GNU support question

  > Date: Sun, 27 Apr 86 16:04:02 PDT
  > From: Donald Clark Jackson <dcj%jacksun%sun.com@CSNET-RELAY.ARPA>
  > As a user of TI-SCHEME, I kind of like
  > the SCOOPS object-oriented package.
  > I have C-Scheme running on a Sun now, and
  > I would like to get SCOOPS running on it.
  > Is source for SCOOPS available, or is it
  > TI proprietary code?  Is there something
  > similar available?

I'll look into getting formal approval from our product group to
release the source for SCOOPS.  The actual SCOOPS source for TI's PC
Scheme has some implementation-dependent efficiency hacks built in,
but we may be able to put together a sanitized portable version.
However, SCOOPS is built upon first-class environments, so it wouldn't
port to some dialects out there (including the standard).

If we get permission to give out the source, we will of course want to
make it non-proprietary, which works both ways: you owe us nothing and
we owe you nothing (well, very little!).  I'll see what we can work
out and post the result.

David Bartley