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SCOOPS, and GNU support question

As a user of TI-SCHEME, I kind of like
the SCOOPS object-oriented package.
I have C-Scheme running on a Sun now, and
I would like to get SCOOPS running on it.

Is source for SCOOPS available, or is it
TI proprietary code?  Is there something
similar available?  

Also, while getting the "inferior scheme"
mode in GNU Emacs to work, I had to change the
following line in xscheme.el:

	(make-shell "scheme" scheme-program-name nil "-emacs")
	(make-shell "scheme" scheme-program-name)

What was the "-emacs" supposed to do?
I have GNU Emacs Version 17.61, and
MIT C-Scheme Version 6.1.

If this is the wrong mailing list for these
questions, please suggest a better forum.

Mail me your replies, if possible. I'll
summarize to this list if there is any


Don Jackson