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Use of MacScheme

In answer to Don Oxley's call for information, we are just concluding
an experimental Scheme section of our intro course for CS majors. We used
MacScheme on the Macintosh (from Semantic Microsystems) and Abelson and
Sussman's book over two quarters. We judged the experiment to have been a
qualified success, and at this point plan to use Scheme (along with Modula-2)
for all sections next year.

We have built a moderate amount of instructional software in support
of the course; we would be glad to share it, although most of it relies
on the Mac's toolbox. We'd also be happy to discuss problems we ran
into, what will change next year, etc.

Steve Fickas and Art Farley

Computer Science Department
University of Oregon
Eugene, Or. 97403
(503) 686-4408

fickas@uoregon, art@uoregon