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Who Is Using Scheme? For What?

Over the few weeks since PC Scheme has become available, I have had a
number of questions about who is using Scheme, what they are doing,
etc.  There seems to be a number of persons/groups who are undertaking
interesting projects and or courses involving Scheme (PCS or
otherwise) but there is very little evidence of communication among
the users themselves.  (There is getting to be a moderate volume of
communication between users and many of us here at TI.)

We at TI would like to encourage the development of an active
community which is discussing Scheme and its use, sharing ideas and
code, etc.  The existing SCHEME mailing list at MIT seems to be the
appropriate forum for discussion if we can convince people to sign up
and/or exploit it.  In particular, we at TI would like to assist and
participate in the process, but would NOT like to become any focal
point or filter because of our proprietary interests.

I encourage you to do two things:

(1) Reply to this message (to SCHEME@MIT-MC, not to me) with a brief
summary of how/why... you are using Scheme along with any particulars
you can supply (eg., dialect, status of effort...).  If you have
particularly interesting code or code segments, problem sets,
instructional materials, ... which you would be willing to share
please describe them.  If there are issues or topics on which you
would like to see a discussion, please include them as well.

(2) If you know of other Scheme users who may not see this message,
forward it to them and ask them to get on the list.  This can be done
by sending mail to Scheme-Request@MIT-MC and asking to be included on

I am particularly interested in the experiences of our new PC Scheme
users.  I hope to use the feedback to further the cause of Scheme here
at TI and to help us improve the product itself.  I'm sure the other
system developers will welcome such feedback also.


        --Don Oxley