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[CPH%MIT-OZ: HP 300s]

I'm forwarding this because I though it might be of general interest.
- Jonathan

Date: Thu, 12 Dec 1985  18:45 EST
Re:   HP 300s

    Have you people put Scheme on these putative ai machines yet? 

    As a matter of fact, would you know of any good source of information
    for these machines? We just got a few and I may be the one to have to
    figure out what they're good for. Like whether it's a research machine
    or an educational machine, things like that.

We have yet to receive the remaining pieces of our model 320s, so I
suppose that the answer to your first question is no.  However, within
several months we will undoubtedly have transferred all of our
implementation to them.

As for your other questions: we have alot of experience with the 200
series machines, which are reputed to be about half the speed of the
300 series.  They seem to have adequate memory for some fairly big
programs, and with the compiler we are now using they run many
benchmarks within a factor of 3 or 4 of a 3600.  So I would say that
they are very adequate for a number of research purposes, and much
more than adequate for educational purposes.