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Implementation blurb: Vincennes Scheme

Since I doubt anyone from Univ. de Paris 8 is on this list, I'll send
out what information I have on Vincennes Scheme.
					- Jonathan

Vincennes Scheme is a version of Scheme written entirely in portable
C, for Unix V7 and Berkeley 4.1 and 4.2.  It runs on 32-bit machines
(e.g. 68K or Vax) as well as on 16-bit machines (e.g. Z8000 in which
it can fit in 128K).  This Scheme is compatible with the MIT version,
and includes an interpreter with the basic environment: debugger,
history, break, stepper, where. A compiler that generates C code is
available.  For more information, contact

Patrick Greussay
Universite Paris-8-Vincennes
2 rue de la Liberte
Saint-Denis CEDEX 02 93526