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scheme implementations

To make sure that everyone out there has current information, I want to
ask people who have or are actively working on Scheme implementations to
send out a SHORT message, giving the following information:

- Name of implementation
- Implemented by whom
- Supported by whom, and to what extent
- Hardware and operating system(s)
- Availability: when, approximate pricing, copyright status
- Description of dialect (esp. compare with RRRSS [*] and with the
  dialect used in S&ICP)
- Intended use: education, number crunching, systems programming, etc.
- Implementation style (S-code, native-code-compiler-based, or whatever)
- Remarks, interesting features, misfeatures, and applications, etc.
- Whom to contact for more information

In particular, I'd like to hear blurbs from the groups at Indiana, MIT,
Semantic Microsystems, TI, Yale, Vincennes, and Cadence.  No hype please.

[* Sorry, I use the following abbreviations:
     S&ICP = the book "Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs"
	     by Abelson & Sussman
     RRRSS = the Scheme dialect described in the Revised Revised Report
     ERRRSS = the "essential" subset of RRRSS]

If you have written books or articles about or using Scheme or are in
the process of doing so, I think people would be interested in hearing
about that too.