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Wanted: Cscheme5 (In English)

    I got SCOOPS (= Scheme + Object Oriented Programming) which is written
    in Cscheme 5 via Network News.  Unfortunately I have only old scheme of
    Revised Revised Scheme report.  I heard it could be got from MIT, but
    not sure.   If you can have any information of getting Cscheme or you
    can distribute it, please send me a Email.

There are two main ways of obtaining CScheme

Arpanet/Internet FTP:

host prep.ai.mit.edu contains a tar file (and a compressed tar file)
of the distribution directory.  You can log in as scheme, password
scheme.  The files are /scheme/dist.tar and /scheme/dist.tar.Z


We'll send you a tar tape if you send a check for US $200 to

Scheme Distribution
co Prof. Hal Abelson
545 Technology Sq.
Cambridge MA 02139