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Wanted: Cscheme5 (In English)

I got SCOOPS (= Scheme + Object Oriented Programming) which is written
in Cscheme 5 via Network News.  Unfortunately I have only old scheme of
Revised Revised Scheme report.  I heard it could be got from MIT, but
not sure.   If you can have any information of getting Cscheme or you
can distribute it, please send me a Email.
Yasuyuki Tauchi
Intelligent Systems Laboratory
6-11-23 Shimo-Renjaku
Mitaka, Tokyo 181

JUNET:	tau%seclab.junet@kddlabs.jp
UUCP:	seismo!kddlab!titcca!secisl!tau
PHONE:	0422-46-5600[japan]
FAX:	0422-48-6841[japan]