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Revised^3 Report on Scheme; administrivia

    Date: Mon, 16 Mar 87 23:05:57 est
    From: zs01# at andrew.cmu.edu (Zalman Stern)
    To:   scheme-request at mit-mc

    Could you please send me the "standard information packet" as advertised in
    the above message.

I omitted to say that people on Internet can FTP this from host MIT-MC.
It's in file "LSPMAI; SCHEME IMPLS".  Back message are in "LSPMAI;
SCHEME MAIL" on MIT-MC and even older messages are in "LSPMAI; SCHEME

If you don't have FTP access to the Internet, I'm willing to send the
list of implementations.  I won't mail the archives, they're too big.