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Revised^3 Report on Scheme; administrivia

    Date: Mon, 16 Mar 87 13:46 EST
    From: Dan Zigmond <Dan at cis.upenn.edu>
    To:   scheme at mc.lcs.mit.edu
    Re:   Revised Revised Revised Report on Scheme

    How does one get a copy of this new spec?  Is it FTPable from somewhere?

It's in ACM SIGPLAN Notices, December 1986.  You can also get it from
the MIT AI Lab Publications Office, 545 Technology Square, Cambridge MA
02139, for $6.00, prepaid; ask for AI Memo 848a.  If you want the
LaTeX sources, you can get them from MIT-PREP:/scheme/r3rs.tar (that's a
Unix "tar" file), but I think you're better off dealing with the
hardcopy, unless you want to modify it.

Attention new arrivals to the list: rather than bother everyone on the
list with requests like this for basic information which has a high
probability of having already been posted, please send your easy
questions to Scheme-Request@MIT-MC.  In particular, I can send you a
compendium of implementation announcements, consisting of messages which
have been sent to this list.  Don't get upset if a week or two goes by
without an answer from me, since I tend to deal with scheme-request
messages in batches; be patient.

Implementors & others: if you want to add or change things in this
standard information packet I send out, please let me know.

One last thing:  I would like for people to get in the habit of sending
mail pertaining to the Scheme mailing list to Scheme-Request, not to me
personally.  This is both to make my own record-keeping easier
(messages sent to Scheme-Request are archived) and to be prepared
in case someone else ever takes over management of the list
either temporarily or permanently.