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Hot off the press...

The new report is ready!  Get them while they last!

It's available in a handsome red binding from the MIT AI Lab
publications office; the address is:

  Elizabeth Heepe
  Publications, Room NE43-818
  MIT Artifical Intelligence Laboratory
  545 Technology Square
  Cambridge MA 02139

Ask for MIT Artificial Intelligence Memo 848a, the "Revised^3 Report on
the Algorithmic Language Scheme".  Enclose a check for $6.00 per copy
(U.S. funds) payable to the MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.
Prepayment is required.

This version (dated September 1986) supersedes last summer's report,
which was AI memo 848 (this one is 848a).  It also supersedes (but is
very similar to) the draft which was passed out at the Lisp and FP
Conference in August.

It is identical (same original) to the version that will be printed in
SIGPLAN this December, except that in the MIT AI memo version it
additionally includes a previously unpublished article by Abelson and
Sussman entitled "Computation: An Introduction to Engineering Design".

If you want to cite it, probably better to cite the SIGPLAN version
since that will be available to a wider audience:
    Jonathan Rees and William Clinger, editors.
    "Revised^3 Report on the Algorthmic Language Scheme."
    SIGPLAN Notices 21(12), September 1986.

The report will also appear as an Indiana University CSD Technical

Here is a brief summary of the more important differences between the
1985 and 1986 versions of the language:

	- Added: delay, force, boolean?, procedure?
	- Removed: #!null, rec, named-lambda, append!, object-hash,
	  object-unhash, 1+, -1+, some of the string operators,
	  "curried define"
	- Redundant names removed: sequence, =?, <?, <=?, >?, >=?
	- Renamed:  #!true -> #t, #!false -> #f
	- Changed: (define (foo ...) ...) now means
		   (define foo (lambda (...) ...)), not
		   (define foo (named-lambda (foo ...) ...))

Other, lesser, changes are enumerated in a special section on page 36.

				- Jonathan Rees