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Automatic removal from list...

Scheme@MC is a big mailing list.  On average, one or two members become
unreachable each week, due to changes in routing, gateways being down,
etc.  Be warned that I will ruthlessly remove from the list any
recipients to whom mail is undeliverable.  If you change your address,
be sure to send a note to Scheme-Request@MC.  If your machine has been
down or off the net for a while (usually the various mail systems retry
for three to seven days), and mail bounces as a result, you will likely
be removed.  This is the only way I'll be able to keep things under
control and prevent people who send messages to Scheme from being
deluged with enormous quantities of bounced mail.  Just send me a
message when you're back on, or if you think one of your gateways could
have been down and you haven't seen a message for a couple of weeks.

I sure hope that one of these days electronic mail will be able to reach
people as reliably as physical mail does.  The current state of the art
of e-mail is quite inferior in the respect, probably at about the same
point of development that physical mail was in about the 15th century.