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Object-Oriented Schemes

I am wondering if people on this list would
like to discuss Object-Oriented Schemes.
Three implementations come to mind at this time.
The oldest I know about is T[1].  TI has put its
Object-Oriented system called SCOOPS in the public
domain, as is T.  I have had no experience with 
SCOOPS.  Oaklisp[2] adds to the T idea of first
class objects and operations, the idea of first
class types.  I'm not sure what this contributes.

Are there any other implementations you would 
like to discuss?

[1] Rees, J. & N. Adams IV, "T: a dialect of Lisp or,
Lambda: the ultimate software tool", 1982 Lisp and
Functional Programming, August 1982.

[2] Lang, K. & B. Pearlmutter, "Oaklisp: an
Object-Oriented Scheme with First Class Types",
OOPSLA '86, Sep-Oct 1986.