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Request for information on new releases.

First, sorry for  sending this request to scheme@mit-mc instead of
scheme-team@mit-mc but when trying the last address I got the message
reproduced at the end of this one.

For more than a year by now, we are using the MIT Scheme implementation
(Microcode version 6.1, Runtime version 11.2) on our Vax with Unix 4.2. In few
words, we greatly appreciate both the language and its implementation. There
are only two dark spots : 

	- the lack of documentation of the implementation (the only
documentation I have at my disposition are the "Structure and
Interpretation..." book and the revised revised report

	- the slowness of the terminal i/o and in some circumstances of the
	  interpreter itself.

Is a newer version for VAX Unix available ? Does it include a compiler ? Is a
version for SUN 3 available ? How can we get these new versions ? Is it
possible to get some documentation on the implementation ?


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