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Re: Scheme for the Atari ST

 from Bill Pase (Pase@DOCKMASTER.ARPA)
>Does anyone know if Scheme is available for the Atari ST?

I recently asked similar questions here, which lead me to some
history which may be helpful.  I'll summarize what I've learned from
people on this list and the archives.

The archives for this group contain some references to "Scheme 312".
This is the ancestor of MacScheme.  MacScheme is actually being
developed on the Stride (Sage) computer under the CP/M-68K operating
system, so the author has an decent version working in that
environment.  (The author is not interested in distributing or
supporting that version, however).

I have heard that the Atari ST runs GEM on top of CP/M-68K (or a
minor mutation of CP/M).  If this is true, it might be easy to port
to the Atari -- maybe easier than porting to the Mac.  Perhaps the
author is not aware of this possibility and would be interested in
doing the port?

The author's name is Will Clinger, and he used to be at
    willc%indiana.csnet@csnet-relay.arpa which is Indiana U on CSnet

 from my ARPAnet BSD Unix machine.  I'm not sure if he monitors this
list...  The MacScheme distributor address:
   Semantic Microsystems
   4470 SW Hall Street, Suite 340
   Beaverton OR  97005
   (503) 643-4539

Dave Alcocer (alco@mit-vax) was working with CScheme.  He says this
public domain version is portable.  Dave said he was interested
having it on his Amiga, but it might need to be trimmed down from
approximately 2 megabytes by removing some trimmings.

Wouldn't it be amazing to see a group of Mac, Amiga, and ST owners
cooperating on a public domain Scheme!

The GNU project has started distributing CScheme.  I'm not sure why
they have decided to do so.

Good Luck -
- jim mullens / oak ridge national lab