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Small Scheme compiler in Prolog...

Hi everyone,

I recently wrote a Scheme compiler in Prolog (for a logic programming
course).  The compiler handles almost all of scheme's special forms
(only backquote notation, => syntax in conds and rest arguments are
not implemented).  It generates native-code for SUNs, has only
a few primitive procedures implemented and no garbage-collector.
The code generated is fairly efficient (tak takes 1 sec on a SUN3).
Those who are interested in having the source please send me a
message directly (the compiler is 45Kbytes and is written in Quintus
prolog but  should be easily ported to other prologs).

If there are enough requests, I'll write a couple pages of doc (presently
you have to read the scarce comments in the code) and maybe I'll add
some more primitives and who knows... maybe a GC.

Don't expect any replies before the middle of January...  Happy holidays!

Send requests to:

feeley@brandeis.csnet (my current address at Brandeis University)
feeley%grafik.iro.udem.cdn@ubc.csnet (my `home' address at the University
of Montreal).