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Re: Scheme on CMS?

Several  of the previous transactions appear to be seeking info on Scheme
implementations (and source) for various purposes.  There appear to be
implementations of Scheme in Common Lisp and C,  and maybe Common Lisp
implementations in Scheme, Scoops in Scheme, etc. etc.

I am also looking for an implementation (for a pc).

Could someone in the know please summarize what implementations are available,
for what machines, and if source is available at what cost?

I'd be happy to write the summary if someone will send me the info, but 
it might be faster if somone more knowledgeable posted it directly.
As a fail safe, I'll summarize and post whatever I receive, whether or
not a knowledgeable sumary is posted.

Kevin ...{ihnp4,ubcvision}!alberta!calgary!vaxb!jameson