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Some corrections

My note on TI's PC Scheme and Indiana's Chez Scheme had some errors.

1.  From jinx@zurich.ai.mit.edu -- PC's Scheme's change with respect
to (define ( ... ) ...) expansion DOES conform to R^3RS.

2.  From Dan Friedman -- Eugene Kohlbecker created the remarkable
extend-syntax.  Kent Dybvig implemented a version of it in Chez

3.  From AI Magazine, Fall 87 p94 -- It is Cadence Research Systems,
P.O. 5031, Bloomington, Indiana 47402, not Cadence Associates that
distributes Chez Scheme.  Sue Rykovich (812)333-9269 handles

Version 2.0 runs on: VAX 4.2 BSD Unix, 4.3 BSD Unix, Ultrix and VMS,
Sun-3 SunOS, and Apollo Domain/IX.  Educational price is 50% of $1500.

Roger Kirchner