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Re: R^3RS

   From: RKIRCHNE%carleton.edu@RELAY.CS.NET
   Subject: R^3RS
   To: scheme@mc.lcs.mit.edu
   R^3RS is also included with the documentation for TI's PC Scheme version 3.
   I just upgraded to it.  Also included as one of several sample files is
   Kent Dybvig's extend-syntax, which is described in his book and included
   as a standard feature in Chez Scheme v 2.  extend-syntax is incredibly
   powerful for defining special forms -- all one has to do is describe

Actually, extend-syntax is of Eugene Kohlbecker's design, and represents
part of his doctoral research here at Indiana.  The implementation may
well be mine, however, as I did give one to TI along with permission to
distribute it.

   Someone was looking for Scheme for a VAX.  I highly recommend Chez Scheme
   by Kent Dybvig (dybvig@indiana.csnet, I think) distributed by Cadence
   Associates (or something like that).  Academic pricing for VMS, other
   versions is very reasonable.  Someone with accurate info should respond.

If anyone desires information about Chez Scheme for VAX, Sun, or Apollo
computers, please send me electronic mail and I'll see that you are sent
some information (include your physical mailing address).  Or contact:

    Cadence Research Systems
    620 Park Ridge Road
    P.O. Box 5031
    Bloomington, IN  47407


R. Kent Dybvig                 | arpa: dyb@iuvax.cs.indiana.edu
Computer Science Department    | csnet: dyb@indiana
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