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Wanted Scoops for MacSheme (or help in porting)

I've been using MacScheme for several months now and I love it.  I want to
start using the Scoops system with it.  I got a copy of Scoops provided by
TI.  However there are several problems that prevent it from loading into
my system.  The two major ones are MacSheme has no syntax function or
define-intergrable (or something like that)  I need some clues on how to
translate these guys, or better yet has someone already done it, and are
you willing to mail me a copy?            

Andy Halls

mail: 2646 Stuart Street, Denver, CO 80212
phone: home (303) 455-9139  messages (303) 692-5094
uucp: {cires | hao | nbires}boulder!halls
internet: halls@boulder.colorado.edu