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Scheme on Atari

To: scheme@mc.lcs.mit.edu
Subject: Scheme on Atari
From: Edward Hoenkamp <EDH at HNYKUN52.BITNET>
Date: Mon Sep 28 15:11:39 1987

Since there have been several requests for Scheme from people
possessing an Atari, here is a possible way out.
There are Mac emulators on the Atari. The one I am familiar with,
(the German 'Aladin') I essentially use as an application program
to run MacScheme. It does this wonderfully well, i.e. the
programs I tried (e.g. prolog and Erathosthenes' Sieve from THE book)
run somewhat FASTER emulated, plus you can use the bigger screen,
plus it supports almost 2 megabyte (e.g. for the heap).

(If giving this information is illegal, realize that this text was
generated randomly).