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Re: MIT Scheme for Unix

In article <15180@wlbr.EATON.COM> mh@wlbr.UUCP (0000-Mike Hoegeman) writes:
>In article <128@bnr-di.UUCP> borynec@bnr-di.UUCP (James Borynec) writes:
>>Could some kind soul mail me a copy of MIT's scheme that would
>>run on UNIX SysV (in particular microport's SysV/AT).  If you
>>think that it would be too big to mail but are willing to help
>>in some other way (establishing direct phone connection or 
>>via floppynet) please contact me.
>I think a lot of people (myself included) are interested in how to obtain
>scheme. If you know how/where to get it could you please post that information?

Ditto. Please post to the net when you get a copy.


Marc de Groot (KG6KF)
UUCP: {hplabs, sun, ucbvax}!amdcad!uport!smegma!mdg
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