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MIT Scheme for Unix

   Date: 15 May 88 18:01:05 GMT
   From: voder!wlbr!mh@bloom-beacon.MIT.EDU  (Mike Hoegeman)

   I think a lot of people (myself included) are interested in how to obtain
   scheme. If you know how/where to get it could you please post that information?

MIT CScheme can be obtained in the following ways:

* Internet FTP:

    Telnet to "prep.ai.mit.edu" as user "scheme", password "scheme".
    Use the `ftp' program to obtain either the file "dist.tar" or
    "dist.tar.Z" (a compressed version).  The directory "dist.split"
    contains the file "dist.tar.Z" split up into 250 kbyte pieces.

    Alternatively, use anonymous ftp to "zurich.ai.mit.edu" (user
    "anonymous", any password) and read the file "pub/scheme/README"
    for more directions.

* Magtape:

    The cost of a distribution tape is $200 to cover our copying and
    administrative expenses.

    Send a check for $200 payable to MIT to:

	Scheme Distribution
	MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
	545 Technology Square
	Cambridge, Ma. 02139

    Please specify the tape format:

	* Unix tar format, 9-track magtape, 1600 bpi
	* VMS backup format, 9-track magtape, 1600 bpi
	* Unix tar format, HP CS/80 cartridge tape