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C Scheme Documentation

Two questions...

We have MIT C scheme here, and it is not exactly as described in
R^3 Report on Scheme.  This is certainly OK by me as long as I know
what is in it.  But I dont.  T'other day i was trying to do something
and failing miserably because i couldnt find something - I think it
was named-lambda - not in R^3, but used all over the place in the
scheme code.  Eventually, i figured out (after a couple DAYS! of 
poking around) that "(enable-language-features)" turned it on, but
how was anyone supposed to know that from the C scheme source or 
documentation?  Anyway, im looking for a manual - not SICP - but a
real manual - one with lists of functions and what they do.

Lacking this, i was trying to browse through the Scheme source and
executable to find what i needed.  One of the problems seems to be
that scheme has no "apropos" which might have helped.  (Actually 
the problem is worse since im trying to get things to work on an
IBM running MTS where everything is protected and i cant even figure
out what has been loaded.)  Is there any way to browse environments -
that is, to locate environments and then to see what they have defined
in them?  

Or am I going about this in the completely wrong way?

jeff putnam  
jefu@pawl.rpi.edu -or- jeff_putnam%rpitsmts@itsgw.rpi.edu
"People would rather believe a simple lie than the complex truth."