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Re: Scheme Implementation for Macintosh 2

MacScheme is alleged to run on the Mac 2 (I haven't seen it). According
to the documentation for version 1.5, it runs ok, though there are apparently
some rough edges. MacScheme comes with a really good native-code compiler.
Publisher is Semantic Microsystems, in Portland. 

There is also an implementation called XScheme, which is still under 
development. The author is David Betz, who wrote XLisp. It uses a bytecoded
interpreter, so it's not wildly fast, but it is highly portable. Versions 
exist for PC, Atari ST, and Mac. I've read the code for the prerelease 
Mac version that's on BIX, and I'd expect it to run ok on a Mac 2. (No
toolbox support, though). XScheme is intended as a tool for experimentation,
not a production system (don't try to run Macsyma on it!), but it *is*
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