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Scheme Implementation for Macintosh 2

   Posted-Date: Tue 19 Apr 88 11:59:15-EDT
   Date: Tue 19 Apr 88 11:59:15-EDT
   From: Morris Katz <ihnp4!ucsd!A.ISI.EDU!ll-xn!MKATZ@trout.nosc.mil>

   I also would like to know about any ports of Cscheme to either the Mac 2 or
   any other Unix system 5 rel 2 machine.  I was about to send mail on this topic
   this morning when I found that someone had beaten me to it by 1 day.
					   Morry Katz

I've ported it to System VR2.  I've tried to contact the people at mit
to let them know so that they can integrate it into future releases,
but haven't had any success.

Let me know if you'd like the diffs, and I'll try to put them together.