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Porting Scheme to our IBM3090 running MVS/XA

   We are considering porting Scheme to our IBM3090-180/VF. I am seeking
information on a number of items.  We currently have the source from MIT
Scheme Version 4.1.1 microcode version 8.2.
       What is the latest release of Scheme?
       What problems can I expect?
       Has anyone ported it to an IBM 370 (MVS) machine?
       Does anyone have any advice?

       Should we do it from scratch?

   Please respond direct, I am not on the List.

 Michael MacDonald
 Software Specialist, School of Computer Science
 University of New Brunswick
 Po. Box 4400
 Fredericton, New Brunswick
 CANADA    E3B 5A3

 (506) 453-4566