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T discussion and newsgroups

Discussion pertaining T can be carried out on the T-Discussion
mailing list.  Send mail to t-discussion-request@MC.LCS.MIT.EDU to
be added.  Similarly for C Scheme; info-cscheme-request%OZ@MC.LCS.MIT.EDU.

... unless you do not have access to the Internet, as I understand many
Usenet people do not.  In that case, please carry on the conversation
here (or on comp.lang.scheme), as there is no "comp.lang.t" newsgroup to
my knowledge.  Or lobby Berkeley to create one.  The same goes for C
Scheme (I have repeatedly requested that they create a C Scheme
newsgroup, but they say they are too busy).

And speaking of comp.lang.scheme: please correct me if I'm wrong, but
it's my understanding that messages sent to the Scheme mailing list on
the Internet are forwarded to comp.lang.scheme on Usenet, but not vice
versa.  It's possible that there is interesting discussion happening on
comp.lang.scheme that us Internet users are missing out on, but I
wouldn't know.  I hear rumors that there exist mailing lists for which
there is mutual forwading between Internet and Usenet (without infinite
loops), but I don't know how to set one up.  If anyone would like to
volunteer to do so, please speak up by sending a message to me at

- humble moderator.