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Re: T operations, etc

In article <574814312.20004@minster.york.ac.uk> martin@minster.york.ac.uk
>I've just discovered that T version 3 has an as-far-as-I-can-tell
>undocumented syntax for operations.  [...]
>   ((operation-name (self op-name next first) . args) . body)

I'd just noticed that myself.  Perhaps it is "unreleased", as the T
2.8 release notes used to say of experimental things.

>	How many other wonderful things are hiding in T3.0 that people
>don't know about because of the (lack of up-to-date) documentation?

It works the other way too: the LOCALE special form has stopped
working despite being documented in the manual and in Stephen Slade's
book.  Nonetheless, I suspect the release notes cover most of the
changes (they cover the LOCALE one) and so expect that the number of
further surprises will be small.

>On a similar note... Has anyone succeeded in re-compiling & linking T3.0,
>or of suspending a T system?

I have not tried rebuilding T, but I have no trouble suspending it
with csh job control on a Sun.

>  Has anyone else in Europe/UK got T3.0?

Why, yes: I have one, and I know of at least two others.  We should
keep in touch.

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