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MIT C-Scheme design info

I have just been looking through the source for C Scheme v4.1.1 (via the Gnu
distribution), and am almost overcome with the size of the task at hand (to
understand it so I can write my a simpler version for my pc).  I recognize 
that I could cut away code until I could isolate the major components, but
I would still be left wondering why things were done the way they were.

Did anyone write any design info down when it was being constructed?  If so,
is there any way I could obtain a copy to read?  Failing that, could anyone 
post a design summary if they have one?

Could anyone in the know suggest a starting place and method toward 
understanding this implementation?

Is 4.1.1 the latest version?

   Kevin ...!{ihnp4,ubc-vision}!alberta!calgary!jameson