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As I was saying (superseding letter)

    Date: 20 Feb 88 05:46:00 GMT
    From: shebs@cs.utah.edu  (Stanley Shebs)
    Organization: PASS Research Group
    Subject: Lisp Innards Wanted!
    Message-Id: <5274@utah-cs.UUCP>
    Sender: scheme-request@mc.lcs.mit.edu
    To: scheme@mc.lcs.mit.edu

    As part of my dissertation, I've been collecting info on the internal data
    representations of various Lisp systems.  Lisp here is broadly defined as

It has become profoundly difficult for me to edit and send computer mail.
If you send me  (BSG@SYMBOLICS.COM) a paper address, I will send you all
the relevant representation data on Multics MacLisp, may its memory rest
in peace.