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Scheme as an introductory programming language

I'd like to get some information on the experiences of people who have
used Scheme as the programming language for introductory, first-year,
courses in Computer Science (at, e.g., the ACM CS-1/CS-2 level).  I'm
particularly interested in building a list of institutions which offer
introductory programming courses using Scheme, but I'm also interested
in textbooks and other resources they use, or any other information
which might be available.  Experience with in-class use of the various
Scheme implementations which are generally available would also be
helpful.  If you looked at Scheme and then decided on Pascal or
something instead, I'd be interested in your rationale, too. 

I'm well aware of Abelson and Sussman (with Sussman), as well as
the Friedman and Dybvig books. I've also used PC Scheme extensively and
MacScheme a little bit.

I'm less interested in other Lisp dialects than Scheme (though T would
certainly be of great interest). 

I will of course post a summary of the replies. 


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