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suggestions for the next revision of scheme

I have a couple of suggestions for the next revision of Scheme that
all deal with orthogonality issues:

First, named let* and letrec should be included in Scheme.  I have
several times run into situations where a construct like

  (let* loop ((x ...) (y ...x...)) ...)

would have been useful.  So far I haven't needed named letrec but, at
least for completenes, it shouldn't be left out.

Second, map and for-each should apply also to strings and vectors.
Why should Scheme provide better treatment for list than for other
structured types?

Finally, do should be abolished altogether.  Is far too complicated
operation compared to the rest of Scheme and seems like a relic from
ancient times.

	Juha Heinanen
	Tampere Univ. of Technology
	jh@tut.fi (internet), tut!jh (UUCP)