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Re: Are the GABRIEL-benchmarks translated into SCHEME already?

I have translated all but two (STAK and POLY) of the Gabriel benchmarks
into Scheme and have sent them to a number of people.  In a couple of weeks
I will submit them to the Scheme "yellow pages" after fixing the bugs and
non-portable constructions that have been reported to me.  In the meantime
I'm willing to send them to people who can't wait.

Today is my last day as an employee of Tektronix.  My new address will be

    William Clinger
    Semantic Microsystems, Inc.
    4470 SW Hall Blvd, Suite 340
    Beaverton, OR  97005
    Telephone: (503) 643-4539

Since Semantic will probably be consulting for Tektronix, I think I will
still be able to read mail sent to:


I will probably not log in more than once a week or so, though.  Semantic
has had an inactive account on Compuserve, which I expect to reactivate.

Peace, Will