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Problems bringing up CScheme 6.1

I am attempting to bring up CScheme 6.1 on two machines and am encountering
difficulties on both. I am hoping that someone with a little more Lisp/Scheme
experience than I have will be able to spot my problems or at least point me
in the right direction.

The first machine is an Intergraph InterPro-220 workstation. This machine
runs System V release 3 on the Clipper RISC processor set. After editing
config.h and setting the relevant parameters, a make yields this message:

>	cd runtime;../microcode/scheme -fasl runmd.bin <../etc/make_band.scm
>Scheme Microcode Version 10.2
>MIT Scheme, unix [ATT (V)] version
>utabs.bin loaded purified evaluated
>implmd.bin loaded purified evaluated
>boot.bin loaded purified evaluated
	.      <<<-------------------18 lines deleted
>numpar.bin loaded purified evaluated
>numunp.bin loaded
>Purify phase error 9a0, 99f
>Inconsistency detected.
>*** Error code 1

My question is, where should I start looking? I am new to the Lisp/Scheme world
and I don't even know what 'purify' means in this context. Should I look in the
Psbtobin.c code for a problem translating the .psb file to a .bin file? Or 
should I look in the purify.c code?

The second machine is an Intergraph Micro II (MicroVax II with our boards)
running VMS 4.5 (yes I know, BLECH!). This machine gets through the initial
load-purify-evaluate phase and then this happens:

>Cold load finished. Type
>((access finish-load runtime-system))
>to load the rest of the system.
>1 ]=> ((access finish-load runtime-system))
>No such file #("pathname" () () "emacs" "bin" NEWEST)
>2 Error->

It just hasn't been my day.

Any insight to these problems would be greatly appreciated. 

                        _   /|       |    Clark Williams
          Ack Thippfft! \'o.O`       |    Intergraph Corp.
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