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Where/how to get Scheme for Suns?

   Date: 20 Oct 88 18:21:46 GMT
   From: uoregon!markv@beaver.cs.washington.edu  (Mark VandeWettering)

   After being irritated by the slowness of C-Scheme, I decided to try
   the T dialect of Scheme.  It is available via anonymous from 
   prep.ai.mit.edu in the "t" subdirectory.  Versions are available for the
   Sun and the Vax.  I have used the sun version extensively, and find it 
   very nice, and it compiles to very good native code.

Please get T version 3.1 from wheaties.ai.mit.edu.  I think there's a
/pub/t3.1 directory.  Prep only has T version 3.0.