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Re: Scheme on a PC

In article <887@io.UUCP> chuck@io.UUCP (Chuck Cullen x4423) writes:
>Does anybody disagree that the TI implementation is currently the best
>solution available for Scheme on a pc?

I certainly don't. I've used it quite extensively (though not for
massive programs), and it satisfies my requirements quite well. V3.0
is pretty compatible with R^3S, and supports a fair number of
extensions (most of the worthwhile extensions are PC-specific). In
particular, it supports an external language interface which permits
you to invoke primitive procedures in any compilable language (I use
Turbo C). The package includes the interpreter/compiler, a debugger,
and an Emacs-compatible editor.

There are only two downsides to PC Scheme: (1) it's a bit sluggish on
my PC XT compatible (on an AT it's quite pleasant), and (2) it doesn't
produce standalone programs (therefore anyone who uses a PC Scheme
program has to have a licence for the interpreter). Still, for US$100,
it's very hard to beat.

TI's phone number (US only--us foreigners don't count) is 1-800-TI-PARTS.

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