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Re: Scheme on a PC

In article <887@io.UUCP> chuck@io.UUCP (Chuck Cullen x4423) writes:

>I have been planning on getting Scheme from Texas Instruments for use
>on a pc project I told somebody I would do.
>Does anybody disagree that the TI implementation is currently the best
>solution available for Scheme on a pc?

I have PC Scheme and its not bad.  I do have a couple problems with it -
it doesnt support Hercules graphics, and every so often it goes away
with a "VM error" and just dies.  This happens completely unpredictably
and i cant get it to repeat at will.  

Other than that PC Scheme is good.  The documentation is huge and quite 
well done.  Its even fairly fast.

jeff putnam        -- "Sometimes one must attempt the impossible if only to
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