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Re: Scheme on a PC

> I would like to find a R3RS compliant scheme that is free (or near to it)
> that i can provide for student use in a course ill be teaching.  Scheme
> will not be required, but id like to provide an alternative to Fortran

I'm soon going to publish the sources of a R3RS compliant Scheme
interpreter written in C; it should be easily portable to Atari-
or Amiga-type machines.  The distribution contains an interface to
both the Xlib and the X toolkit (Xt) which allows Scheme programmers
to make use of Xt widgets.  The functionality of the Xlib interface
is similar to that of CLX.
However, the interface to the X Window System is a prototype and currently
undocumented (if you don't count demonstration programs as documentation).

Oliver Laumann              net@TUB.BITNET              net@tub.UUCP