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Re: Why is (eq? car car) false in MacScheme

In article <10702@eddie.MIT.EDU> jbs@fenchurch.MIT.EDU (Jeff Siegal) writes:
>Does anyone know the real answer?

In MacScheme a reference to CAR that is not in operator position will be
compiled as though it were (LAMBDA (X) (CAR X)).  This is true of certain
other integrable procedures as well.  Several years ago, before EQ? was
specified to do anything in particular with procedures as arguments, and
before you could buy a Macintosh with more than 128K of RAM, a measurement
and calculation showed that creating full-fledged procedures for these
integrable procedures only when needed would tend to save a few bytes of

Fixing this bug has not been a high priority.  If it were the most serious
bug in MacScheme I would be extremely happy.

Peace, William Clinger