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Re: Lisp vs. Scheme Emacs

In article <237@cs-spool.calgary.UUCP> jameson@cpsc.ucalgary.ca (Kevin Jameson) writes:
>Why is Lisp used in GNU Emacs (and in the rest of the Emacs family)
>in preference to Scheme?
As I understand it, GNU Emacs Lisp has been written solely for the purpose of
writing text editors. It has some really nice features for doing that, whereas
it lacks some features that more general purpose lisps have (closures among 
others). The primitive editing functions of GNU Emacs Lisp have been written 
in C, so they are pretty fast. The thing I am personally most impressed about
GNU Emacs Lisp is how easy it is to manipulate buffers, windows etc. from Lisp
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