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Re: Fast Scheme for Suns?

In article <2399@randvax.UUCP> leverich@rand.org (Brian Leverich) writes:
>Anybody have any experience with a Scheme that will run on Sun UNIX
>boxes?  Ideally I'd like a Scheme that is public domain, high optimized,
>and compatible with PC-Scheme, but I'll take whatever is available.

We have been using Chez Scheme, a commercial product which runs on
Apollo DN3000/3500's, Sun-3's (I don't remember if it runs on Sun-4's),
and VAXen. It is an outstanding system, comprising a very
high-performance compiler and a complete language implementation. 
It isn't very expensive (I don't have the price list at hand, but it
runs about US$1K per copy, with site licencing at about $10K, and
educational discounts of 50%), but it's an excellent value. 

The publisher is Cadence Research, in Bloomington, Indiana. Sorry, but I
also don't have Cadence's address at hand, but you can email to Kent
Dybvig <cadence!dyb@iuvax.cs.indiana.edu> for more information. 
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