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Re: Fast Scheme for Suns?

The T language includes an environment for Scheme, and from my
experience I judge it to be at least 99% conformant to the Scheme
standard, and there isn't any performance penalty for using T to run
Scheme since the Scheme environment just allows a different set of
names to be used for the underlying T functions.  T also provides some
useful extensions to Scheme.  T has an optimizing compiler, and best
of all it is available by anonymous ftp from trix.ai.mit.edu in the
pub/t3.1 directory.  That directory contains binaries and sources for
T3.1.  Currently available versions are for Dec3100(pmax),
Sun4(sparc),Sun3, Vax/Unix, Encore, Hp workstation, Apollo and
Mac/Aux.  The online version of the T manual is also there as well as
release notes for T3.0 and T3.1.  For Sun and Vax there is a C/Unix
interface to T.

 From masala.lcs.mit.edu you can get a T dialect extended for
parallelism (uses the future construct) called Mul-T; it runs on the
Encore Multimax.