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Scheme and CAD

You are missing one or two good bets.

Joel Bartlett at DECWRL has done an implementation of R3RS that compiles to C
called Scheme->C. There is a paper on this implementation available from
WRL. Scheme->C was designed with an eye to using it as an embedded command
processor, writing standalone executables, and linking Scheme code together
with C code, so it sounds like just the thing for what you have in mind.

You can get Bartlett's paper from the slick WRL mail server. To find out
how, send a message with subject line "help" to
    wrl-techreports@decwrl.dec.com	or

T has a very nice packages system, called locales, an object-oriented
extension, which is directly supported by the native-code optimizing compiler.
Calling C from T is not too hard; calling T from C is hard.
You can get T for most 68K, Vax, R2000, and Sparc systems -- it can be
ftp'd from MIT. If you want to know more, contact kranz@wheaties.ai.mit.edu.