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Scheme to Commonlisp

Does anyone have any advice or experience with converting a
program in Scheme to CommonLisp (in this case Texas Instruments
Scheme and Vax Commonlisp)? If there is some nifty program out
there that could do the job?

Any help appreciated - we have deadline of Nov 27th but
assistance after that date will be gratefully received.

Simon Ross
                Department of Computer Science
                University College London
                London WC1E 6BT

                JANET:  sross@uk.ac.ucl.cs
                ARPA :  sross@cs.ucl.ac.uk
                UUCP :  ...ukc!ucl-cs!sross
                UUCP :  mcvax!ukc!ucl!cs!sross
          BITNET/EARN:  sross%uk.ac.ucl.cs@ukacrl.bitnet